I am Sabrina. I am a designer, printer, type lover and a mum of two girls. I live in Berlin, a very creative and inspiring city where I work in letterpress.

Working with my hands is what I love the most about my job. I collect wooden and metal letters since my time at University. I like their scratches, worn edges or sharp serifs. They tell stories. Sometimes they come with interesting alternate figures that make my heart jump. Typesetting is a very puzzle-ish process that I love and hate at the same time. I keep my designs minimal so that typesetting doesn’t end up crazy and the typography can speak for itself.

For almost 11 years I ran a print studio in Berlin called Small Caps where I printed my own stationery on my antique hand-operated presses and sold them to stores. I made custom wedding invitations, business cards and other paper goods for clients. I also did workshop classes with designers, educators, writers and makers who want to tap into letterpress or just want to spend a creative afternoon working with their hands.

At the moment I enjoy doing cultural educational projects with kids from kindergarden and school that involve different printmaking techniques, such as Tetra Pak printing, stencil printing, screen printing and gelatin print. I work with institutions and cultural associations in Berlin. I also teach Letterpress Basics at the print studio Drucksalon in Berlin and share my knowledge about letterpress in my online course Hello Letterpress

If you’re a fellow printer and looking for tips, tools and inspiration you can browse my site to learn more. I also share letterpress tips and inspiring projects I come along in my bi-monthly newsletter. Sign up!

All photos by Merilin Metsamaa, TYPA Museum for Paper & Print Tartu, Estland