Online Course

Why not learn letterpress online?


„It’s so hard to get going.“ That’s what I get told in my in-person workshops the most. And I know! I’ve also started where you’re right now. You’re probably not happy about your prints and the impression but don’t know what you can expect?

I’ll show you how to tweak and adjust your press and your rollers to get awesome crisp prints. You’ll learn how to design for letterpress and you learn about the restrictions to achieve a nice impression on a small press.

The course is called Hello Letterpress and I it runs online. I teach this online course through video tutorials that you can watch at your own pace. I provide written instructions, photos and workbooks to follow along. I rely on my experience from my in-person workshops to address the most common problems of Letterpress Beginners. 

This online course is only available in german at the moment. Find out more details at


If you have any question I am happy to answer!