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A while ago I received this print made by Armina from Type & Press. I like the mix of fonts and was wondering where she found them. I felt it was the right time for some questions.
(You know that’s what letterpress people do; exchanging press names, beating one another with the press size and nice on-top functions {like adjustable type bed} and font styles – just kidding.)

Armina, you made this amazing print. I am curious where did you find these special typefaces?
Thanks! These lovely wood type characters come from the MIAT museum collection (Ghent, Belgium), where I’m volunteering since 2008. The printing department of the museum have rich collection of wood/ metal types of various sizes and styles as well as wide range of printing presses.

How long did it take you to set and print this poster?
It took me a day of typesetting, bringing it up to the same type height as the characters vary from Belgian to Dutch height, proofing and a weekend of printing. Well, I’m a bit slow printer 🙂

Why are you printing, what drives you?
I felt that technical possibilities create a distance between the designer and his creation. This is why I’m fascinated with working on the printing machines and movable type. It is tactile. There is all about the essence of typography. The limitations imposed by the medium stimulate creativity and force me to come up with inventive solutions, which ultimately has a liberating effect on the design. 

What do you do besides letterpress?
I’m a freelance graphic designer working with my partner from our design and development studio Form Apparatus, based in Ghent. But all my spare time I spend at the printing workshop of the MIAT museum where I mainly design and print contemporary posters, specimens for the museum or experimenting on personal projects. 

Thank you so much! (Lucky me, I got one of her prints!)
I’ve found Armina years ago through her flickr stream arm79
She also blogs on and posts inspiring links on her FB page type & press . Worth a visit!

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