my typical day

Eigentlich habe ich einen recht strukturierten Ablauf nur im Moment läuft nichts nach Plan und alles etwas langsamer. Im Moment sitze ich mit Milchkaffee und Rosinenbrötchen in einem Cafe um die Zeit zwischen zwei Terminen außerhalb des Ateliers zu überbrücken und tippe diesen Text in meinen Computer. Um mich herum noch mehr Leute mit Laptop, Milchkaffee und Kopfhörern. Typisch Berlin. 🙂
Letztes Jahr war ich Teil einer Interview Serie in dem e-course Creative Courage. Das ist ein beliebter und inspirierender Online-Kurs für Kreative, der von der Künstlerin Stephanie Levy gehalten wird. (Neu ist; dieses Jahr gibt es auch einen mehrtätigen Workshop in Berlin – schaut mal unter Art + Adventure Workshop). Hier ist jedenfalls das, was ich auf die Frage nach meinem Arbeitsalltag geantwortet habe:
I normally have a typical workday, but at the moment things are a bit different. Last week I was sick and this week I have to stick to some appointments outside the studio, so that’s why I am now at a café having a latte and typing this text into my computer. Just like some other guests next to me.
Last year I got asked to answer a questions about my typical workday for the e-course Creative Courage. This inspiring e-course is run by artist Stephanie Levy who just launched her Art + Adventure Workshops in Berlin. Check it out (already half booked)!

Do you have a „typical“ workday? We’d love to hear more about how you organize your daily schedule.

On a typical day I would leave the house around 10 am to bike to my Atelier. There I pick up the post, raise the blinds and clean up the table where I probably left cards or paper to dry.
I then look on my to-do list to to see what’s urgent. I normaly write a to-do list every evening for the day after, so I don’t have to think about the first task when I start the day. I like that.

I prefer to get the urgent stuff done before lunch so it’s out of my head. I am also more focused in the morning. So I might do certain emails, estimates or orders.

After that I’ll have a quick lunch. I mostly bring something with me, or get me some food in the neighbourhood.

After lunch I work on a letterpress print job or a larger wholesale order. The huge plus of having a studio space is I am not tempted to do the laundry or empty the disher during my work hours. 🙂

I also have to keep an eye on what’s on stock and what needs to be reprinted. This is written on a seperate to-do list. I might have to reorder packaging material or paper and sort bills and do bookkeeping. This is stuff I do in the evening when my brain isn’t that fresh anymore.

I often sort things back or set type for the print run the next day. I’ll write a new list and leave my atelier around 7 pm, sometimes earlier to bring the online-shop orders to the post office.
What I recognize while typing this is, there’s no time planned for preparing blogposts. Perhaps that’s why it’s been more quiet over here. Mh. I’ll try to do better.

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